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Specific for Glucose - NO interference from other sugars

Some brands of blood glucose monitors in Australia will measure maltose, galactose and xylose as glucose, and give falsely increased blood glucose readings if you have any of these sugars in your blood system. All CareSens monitors use a highly specific Glucose oxidase reagent that will only measure glucose. These other sugars are present in some dialysis fluids and other medications.

See a warning from the Australian TGA here.....

Tiny Amount of Blood Needed

A very small volume of blood (0.5 ul) is utilized for testing. This greatly reduces the pain in getting your blood sample by either sampling from your finger using the lowest depth setting of your lancing device, OR sampling at alternative sites where only a small blood sample can be retrieved, but with much less pain. Such alternative sites include forearms, palms, thighs, etc.

Please consult your doctor before monitoring your blood glucose from alternative sites.

Accurate Results

Testing can be performed in a wide range of temperature (10-40 Celsius), relative humidity (10-90%) and haematocrit levels (20-60%).  A comparative evaluation performed by the International Diabetes Institute (Melbourne) found CareSens to be the most accurate of the glucose meters tested in their study when compared against the reference method. Click here to download the evaluation results....

User Friendly Design

Award Winning

Beep sound on/off function.
Pointed test strip inlet for easy access to sample.
Confirmation window on the test strip for visual check of sample loading.
Large display and no-skid rubber pads on the meter.

Ergonomic shape for comfortable fit and grip in your palm.

Very easy to use, download the quick user guide here...

Easy No Coding - Automatic Calibration Coding

Each test strip has calibration code data on it, and the CareSens N meter will automatically code itself when the strip is inserted. No need for inserting code chips or pressing buttons when you start using new batches of test strips. To test you simply insert the test strip, prick your finger and apply blood.

Very Fast Measuring Time

Blood loads into the test strip instantly and the test result is displayed 5 seconds later.

Download BGL results to your computer

Two hundred and fifty test results can be stored in the memory of the meter, and this data may be downloaded to a personal computer via a USB cable. Contact us for the FREE download kit (software & USB cable). Download the PC Care program from here.....

Pre-Post Meal Result Memory

By a simple press of a button you can mark a test result to be stored in the meter memory as pre-post meal. The meter can then display averages of pre-post meal results.

Easy Set Alarm

Simply press one button to get the meter to sound an alarm in 2 hours time to remind you for post meal testing. There is also 3 other alarm settings for user specific times.


Available from leading pharmacies and Diabetes Australia Qld, Vic and WA.

OR...  you can Email us for a great deal.

Lifetime Warranty

Life Bioscience warrants that the CareSens N Meter (only) shall be free of defects in material and workmanship in normal use, and a replacement monitor will be supplied for defective monitors during the lifetime of the purchaser. 

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